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Vittoria Barbiero Photography - Andrea V


Andrea Vanzo is a musician and film composer. Music has always been a catalyst for him: an expression of emotions and profound states of being especially in the fascinating world of cinema and theatre, where he finds his ideal artistic dimension.


He wrote the music for several theatral plays and award-winning short films, obtaining the “Best Soundtrack” award at the international shortfilm festival CortoLovere for “Shame and Glasses''. In 2016, he composed the jingle for the advertisement “E’ tutto un quiz” for National Italian TV (RAI Pubblicità Air) and thanks to his collaboration with the singer and actress Matilda De Angelis, a song they have composed has been included in the TV drama “Tutto può succedere” – Italian remake of “Parenthood” – on RAI 1.


In 2020, he wins the 1st prize at an international contest promoted by "Central European String Quartet" with "Wires" and he publishes the EP "Frames", which marks his debut as an artist in the contemporary classic music genre.


1st Prize - "Wires - String Quartet"


Central European String Quartet's International Composition Competition (Budapest - Hungary) - 2020

Best Soundtrack - "Shame and Glasses"

Dieciminuti International Film Festival (Ceccano - Italy) - 2014

Best Soundtrack - "Shame and Glasses"

"Cortolovere" festival internazionale del cortometraggio (Lovere - Italy)) - 2013

Best Music - "Gamba Trista"

"Margherita ShortMovie Festival" (Bari - Italy) - 2011

Best Sound - "Gamba Trista"


"Giardino dei Corti" - 2011

Best Soundtrack - "Gamba Trista

"State a Korti" (Catania - Italy) - 2011

Best Soundtrack - "Home"

"A corto di idee" (Specchia - Italy) - 2010

Best Soundtrack - "Home"

"Inventa un film" (Leona - Italy) - 2010

Best Soundtrack - "Gamba Trista"

"Cuveglio Film Festival" - 2010

Best Soundtrack - "Home"

"Punto di Vista Film Festival" (Cagliari - Italy) - 2009


Matilda De Angelis.jpg


Actress and Singer

It was great working with my friend Andrea. He's a caring and sensible artist, he caught my ideas and has elevated them to a whole new level. His immense artistic capacity, his empathy and his versatility make him the ideal musical partner.

Francesco Filippi.jpg


Film Director, Screenwriter and Animator

Andrea moves with ease both in drama and comics sequences and he can tailor his notes on every beat of a film with great precision. His melodies have the gift to be effective and easily remembered. In these years Andrea has shown a tireless passion for music composing, he has always been truly open to any suggestion, showing to be a reliable and inspiring team player.

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"The Big Drummer”, Drummer and Arranger

Andrea Vanzo, composer, arranger and long time friend of mine. I've been working with him for the past years and now I find in him a great harmonic sensibility and a strong affinity between us when we work together. Very versatile in dressing various types of arrangements and confident when exchanging ideas. I wouldn't give him up for anybody and I will continue to work with him, because you don't change a team that wins.

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Music Supervisor by Fandango S.p.A.

What a pleasure it is collaborating with Andrea and his sonic worlds. Engaged multiple times in various projects, he has always surprised me for the elegance of his solutions, the variety and the research behind his music. regardless of what the required atmosphere was, I have always found his music appealing to my tastes.

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